Nani Iro Tunic

This is a truly international make. This Lotta Jansdotter tunic pattern was designed in the U.S by a Swedish textile designer, and the fabric has made it all the way from Japan. I’ve even recovered from the customs charge now.


I have coveted this fabric for a long time, I finally plucked up the courage to order it all the way from Japan, and when it arrived I gazed at it in a way I usually reserve for my daughter. It was perfect and I wanted to show it off with a really simple pattern.


I’ve made 3 dresses from this pattern now, and although I like the finished product, I have decided that I don’t like this pattern. The cut is a bit too billowing for my shape, so I end up really angrily taking it in, again and again until I get the correct shape.


All the faffing about took up the entire time it took Exeter to draw with Liverpool, but I really love the result. The fabric is a brushed cotton called Nani Iro designed and made in Japan. It’s really warm and comforting to wear, perfect for the never ending rainy days we’re having in the UK right now.


My little triumph on this dress is the pockets. They are straight, topstitched and they have survived almost a whole day with me shoving my hands into them while I mooched around today. Women need pockets in dresses. Also I sewed them on without any swearing or pin based injuries unlike the rest of this dress.

So this dress reminded me that, just like having my daughter 4 years ago this week, that quite often swearing and pain lead to a very nice result indeed.



2 thoughts on “Nani Iro Tunic

  1. Really lovely – sunny and happy, and looks great on you. I totally understand the Nani Iro love. I have a couple of pieces of fabric I just stare at every now and then. I’ll find the right pattern for them someday…

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    1. I had to use it straight because if I didn’t I would be way too frightened to use it! Thanks for your lovely comment. It was a good antidote for a very wet UK day!


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