Françoise Dress

I am a 32 year old daffodil and I don’t care.




I didn’t quite appreciate quite how YELLOW this dress was until I stood against my trusty teal wall. I’ve been reliably informed this is not easy to photograph, something to do with glare?!

Things have been a bit slow due to a variety of January lurgy. A bit like the ends of a xmas selection box that no one likes but everybody eats in the end. So, it was a relief to sew up something so cheerful, at the end of the never ending story that is January. Well, the end is in sight and January is almost, almost over!


Now for the dress specs.

I used a trusty Tilly and the Buttons pattern, Francoise, modeled on a classic 1960s cut. Usually when trying out more complicated patterns for the first time I use an ebay fabric and I found this very reasonable mustard colour jersey knit with just the right amount of stretch.


This dress comes with darts aplenty including a groovy curved dart which tested my tailors chalk and my ability to tiptoe along the line with my machine. The darts were a success, although I could have gotten away with the next size down when using a knit fabric, after looking at a few pics I think it might need a slight size tweak. There are a couple of different ways of making this dress so I may add a part two!


I feel like I’m channeling a Wes Anderson character from Moonrise Kingdom with this collar. A shot with knee high socks might be going a step too far for the blog though!



The fabric comes from one of my favourite fabric designers Atelier Brunette, I felt very nervous cutting into something so pretty. I still feel like someone’s going to knock on the door and tell me off for brandishing a pair of scissors around this stuff.

As always with Tilly patterns, her attention to detail makes them super easy to sew so this only took a couple of hours and felt quite soothing after my ripped dress issues with Robe Eleonore. It’s gone a long way to mend my sewing mojo.


So this is the end of my first month of sewing not buying. So far so good. I’ve resisted the lure of the sales, I’ve resisted that pang of longing when you see a really nice thing that you NEED, I’ve resisted the habit of a lifetime. I’ve resisted.

Luckily, fabric shopping is a bit like a nicotine patch for clothes shopping…