Paloma Dungarees

What to make when you impulse buy some black wavey linen fabric on sale after too much caffeine in Totnes? Something to go with your clogs maybe? Something to pose around on your Dutch bike that only leaves the garage on the three times a year the sun shines in Plymouth?


This is another french pattern from a company called Wear Lemonade. This is a very happy website, browsing around it really feels like somebody blasting some happiness right into your face. The concept is really brilliant, they release a limited edition of ready to wear clothing alongside the sewing pattern. So you can choose to either make or wear it! (Don’t be put off there is an English button on the site!)

The pdf pattern was a complete bargain at only 3 euros too!


Pockets with linings are the invisible triumph of my dungarees!


I was trying to make a ‘multi season’ item of clothing to reflect the range of seasons we can potentially experience down here in sunny Devon. Although I write this we are deep into another rainy day making toilet roll animals before we cave and put on another film.

So although this really is a summer,cycling, beachy sort of item, some trusty mad green types and a stripey top will hopefully carry this through the rest of the Winter.


The construction was really straightforwards, Wear Lemonade patterns come with lovely free video tutorials which makes the instructions, and the fact that I will never be that cool and glam when sewing, super clear.


Optimistically modeling for sunnier times.


I’m clearly quite excited by the comfort factor in these bad boys!


These are a nice relaxed boyfriend fit perfect for running around after small people, and baggy enough to not be too annoying to take down when you need a wee!


This really was a pleasure to sew, super quick too! Just one evening and half a Cinderella. The fabric is lovely and breathable and will be perfect for those nice summer evenings, fingers crossed, but the fabric is just the wrong side of floppy (yes, I used the word floppy you may snigger) and wrinkles a little too easily. I’m on the hunt for a winter fabric to make more fitted and all-weather pair. Oooo maybe tweed?!

This was totally outside of my sewing comfort zone, I once made some very bad pj bottoms and vowed never to sew for my bottom half ever again. These dungarees have ensured that my bottom will never be neglected by my sewing machine again.