Morris Blazer

A tale of smart vs casual.


It may surprise you to discover that I have a day job,  and that I occasionally have to look presentable for said job. So when I found this pattern I thought that I had found the perfect smart-casual blazer. Something that says ‘Hey I’m a librarian, but look I don’t wear a twin-set!’


But this is how I felt about making this blazer. Blahhhhhhh. Not particularly a big fan. The shape wasn’t as fitted as I’m used to buying in the shops, it came out a bit boxy with the shoulders half way down my arms despite the fact I measured for a size 8.


So adjusting everything and taking it in, or ‘grading’ if you’re semi-pro, took a lot longer than the initial construction. It did not leave me with any good happy feelings, just a lingering feeling of disappointment. Like ordering the wrong takeaway. I’m not sure this is the one for me.



The blazer has been neglectfully hanging up in my ‘sewing corner’ for a full week without being worn or photographed. BUT it’s comfy, and my ebay fabric gamble paid off but despite alterations it’s a bit ‘flappy’ for my tastes and not quite sharp enough.

This not a criticism of the pattern, moreover I’ve seen some lovely versions of the Morris blazer (Grainline Studio) but it’s led me to the conclusion that I really enjoy wearing and making more tailored clothing. Just like clothes that look great on the hanger but not on the person, not all patterns are going to be your cup of tea!



When is a blazer not a blazer?

I’ve redubbed it the cardi-blazer. I love cardi- blazer. Much better than blazer- blazer.