Le Sweat Stripes

My name is Tifaine and I’m a breton top addict. Seriously, there is a problem. My wardrobe is about 50% stripey.  So I decided to add to it with a sweatshirt stripe, I bought 2m of heavy, wide striped stuff of unknown origin from ebay, stuck it onto the pile and promptly forgot about it.



Until last week when I came down with a cold and needed something comfy and warm to wear.


So I cranked up the machine and ran off a Tilly and the Buttons Coco, sizing up to accommodate the heavier stiffer fabric. Remarkable easy to sew fabric, either that or the lemsip really helped the ‘process’.

I still had over half of this striped wonder sweater left so I attempted the Marilla Walker sailor top pattern which turned out a pretty successful sweater. This pattern is one size fits all and a fairly simple make, important when you’ve got a head full of snot.

This is the first time I’ve sewed something from an actual practical need WARMTH! and not from a want. So although these are quite simple makes, they are the start of the everyday handmade staples in my wardrobe. And to the relief of my husband they cost less than £6 each to make…see how I justify my fabric shopping.

So, just to prove that I do leave the house and I don’t just live in front of a teal wall, I road tested my new Coco in the coldest and windiest place in Plymouth…The Hoe.


It did the job, and kept me warm alongside the 5 million other layers I was wearing this morning. Oh, and try not to see my layers chucked artfully on the floor next to me.

Just a tad windy.

A quick PS.

So after a couple of months of being in the ‘blogosphere’ I’ve been very kindly nominated for a Liebster award by Shauni from The Magnificent Thread.


Turns out this is a nice nod from the blogging community and a chance to share the work of some people you admire and share 3 facts about themselves or their sewing.

So here goes…

  1. That is my sewing corner…organized chaos!
  2. This is our regular morning hangout. Pretty nice.
  3. I am routinely photobombed when my husband/photographer works.

I’m going to nominate a Meg from Pigeon Wish a blog I really admire,  to share 3 facts about herself or her sewing!