Testing, Testing P…D…F

I was thrilled this week to receive a request from the lovely Magdalena Langa to test her new pattern the Cosmos dress. It really is a very, very lovely pattern. Simple yet effective with some very thoughtful detail and clear instructions.


However I just feel simple. I did a stupid. I opened the PDF, hit print and didn’t even bother to check that I’d printed it off to the correct scale. It’s never happened to me before. Honest.

Even worse, I didn’t think to check until I had finished cutting into some too nice to lose Japanese fabric. Internal scream. Oh yeah and the iron hasn’t had much of an impact either!


So there is some ‘ruffling’ in the top half area that needs some seam ripper action to even it out a little. But enough of my printing ineptitude.


The lovely Japanese fabric is from the Miss Matabi xmas sale, it has a bark cloth feel but its really soft and super comfy to wear. Well worth the surprise customs charge!


I also had to tackle the dreaded concealed zip. This time I discovered that I actually own a zipper foot…who knew what treasures you could find at the bottom of the box the sewing machine came in.

I say tackle because my seam ripper and I got very friendly with this dress, and I had to put the zip in three times before I got it right. That makes 3 meters of zips sewing in all. This dress has been an education.

The collar was a dream to put together, there is definitely nothing better than finding out that something which looks tricky is actual beautifully simple to put together when you read the instructions. Properly.


All the problems that I had with this dress were of my own making. When you are tired, a bit poorly, simultaneously inserting a zip, pretending to be Prince Charming and recreating the ballroom scene for your 4 year old; it really is time to step away from your sewing machine.




Despite the fact it needs a bit of a fix, I still love this dress. All it needs is a picnic and a glass of pimms.

Thank you Magadalena…Watch this space for version 2.0.

7 thoughts on “Testing, Testing P…D…F

  1. The dress is lovely! What’s the pattern called (so I know what to look out for)? And, oh my, I need to get on the Miss Matatabi bandwagon — this fabric is truly unique.


    1. Thank you! The pattern is Magdalena Langa’s cosmos dress. Happy to say I’ve now checked and printed out the correct scale, so the true to form version will be up here soon! Miss Matabi is truely an addictive habit, she has a lovely blog too!

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  2. Feminine and pretty, this dress is lovely.. such great fabric too, with its citrus mix of colours and its empire line styling. As soon as those lazy, hazy days of summer arrive, I would want to wear it all all the time! Julie Dickinson.


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