Simply Quilted

Comfort sewing. After a month of busy day job work trips, combined with some extra special bug sharing from my lovely child, sewing has taken a bit of a back seat lately. I needed a sewing hug, and I found it in the ultimate quilted vest.

The pattern is taken from a Japanese sewing book ‘Simply Sewn by Michiyo Ito’. This is first Japanese sewing pattern I’ve made and the experience was clear, organized and really enjoyable; prompting zero sewing related tantrums. Zen.


Observe. Stripey hood.


Quilted fabric is harder to find than you might think, of course I could have whipped up my own (hahahaha) but I managed to discover a bolt in my local art college’s fashion department (insider access) and the fabric for this make cost a whole Β£4.50. The fabric really needed a lining though so I rummaged about my fabric box for some leftover jersey which gives the sturdier quilted stuff a bit more movement. Also sustainable fashion!


I’ve taken two bold skills steps with this vest. The first being bias binding, I’m now very friendly with vast amounts of bias binding, around 5 metres of it. I will be the first person to admit that being ‘neat and tidy’ is not one of my natural skills and it’s something that you’ll need in abundance to conquer bias binding. It isn’t perfection but it’s there and all in the right place, just don’t look too closely!


Now a hammer isn’t something that I thought would be required in my sewing kit. Here I am on a Saturday morning hammering snap fasteners into my vest, with some not inconsiderable force. I got told to turn down that horrible noise by my little Madame.

This is vest getting a test drive on a failed shopping mission to buy the ‘snaps’. I am standing in the windiest and coldest place in Plymouth, and it still withstood the elements and kept me nice and snug. I sized up because the quilting makes the fabric quite stiff and it gives me a bit more space to sneak in an extra layer on really cold days, you know anything less that 25 C.

I’m super happy with my comfort sew but I’m definitely going to save up to buy some swish Japanese fabric to make one for ‘sunday best’.



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