French Edit.

Bienvenue! This week I have been mainly making en Francais…

I decided to start trying to make whole outfits and start to think ‘holistically’ about the kind of handmade wardrobe I want to build but otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford off the peg. Hello Isabel Marant!

In fact one of these makes was created while mainlining fashion podcasts, I think that ‘absorbing the influential culture’ around you might be easier in Paris than Plymouth. Although the stripey lighthouse might have something to do with the stripey drawer in my wardrobe.

The last item that I made this week was a really simple top by Charlotte Auzou. Strangely the first time I’ve made something this ‘simple’ which meant lots of room for error with the sheer amount of bias binding involved. I’ve also learned the fine art of French seams or ‘couture anglaise’ English seams if you’re sewing for Chanel.

On a side note, lovely though my top is it didn’t quite fit with my trousers so I swapped out for a rtw to show off the trousers.


Channeling some more French couture is my Gilet Monceau by Cozy Little World. Another relatively simple make that could easily go wrong if you got sloppy which I am want to do. Currently in the puppy phase of my sewing life I want to rush ahead to get to my finished article but I made this beauty in 1 hr 44mins!

In truth I’m avoiding the Ikea kitchen planner which will herald the end of the teal wonder wall soon so the result has been sewing procrastination.


Apprehensive, worried, anxious, sleepless, unsure about making trousers?

Don’t be. I made trousers and they didn’t split when I sat down, there was only one swear word and it was seam ripper related. In short, go long, make trousers, feel satisfied.


Ok so my buttons look like they’ve been on the gin because the seam ripper was a little bit too effective when I made my button holes. But…


do I look like I care? Did I mention I MADE TROUSERS. I’m getting pangs of pride not dissimilar from a mothers pride for her new born. Seriously, and they fit.

Warning the following images may contain my ‘derriere’.

Down to some sewing tech. These are from the Republique du chiffon collection, Pantalon Jacques. I love the little details like the waist band placement and the clever way the pockets fit nicely together.


However…Republique du Chiffon instructions are not for the faint hearted, there are few diagrams, seam allowances are not included and the only reason  these went so well is that I found a ‘sew along’. Also anyone contemplating making these needs to reconcile themselves to the fact that you need to size up plus add seam allowances as RDC are envisaging some quite slight ladies. Moan over.


I’m so happy to have made an entire outfit, this one will be coming with me for my work trip next week which means I can shuffle some of my RTW work clothes off to the charity shop.

Now I feel like a real sewist. Jumpsuit next?

OK. Now I really should go back to the Ikea kitchen planner…








13 thoughts on “French Edit.

  1. I absolutely love your outfit. The trousers are gorgeous, so is the jacket, and I really like the top, too. Now I think I need to think about sewing through the lens of outfit planning… You’re shaking my little world with your sewing prowess 😉

    I also really appreciate this from your post: “I think that ‘absorbing the influential culture’ around you might be easier in Paris than Plymouth.” Oh yes. Well, in my case nothing to do with Plymouth (which I haven’t had a chance to visit) but where I currently live. There’s very little diversity in terms of how the people around me dress and as a result I feel myself getting really shy about wearing clothes I like. And then, in turn, I don’t like that about myself… I need to think my way out of that vicious circle.

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, it really is a tricky when your personal style is different from the environment around you, especially if you work in a big organisation too…business style is not my thing. But its been a slow journey of really realising that if I’m happy in what I’m wearing then it doesn’t really matter and I bet someone will look at you in your lovely makes and secretly wish that they could do it too 🙂

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  2. These pieces are all so great! I’m pretty bad about making coordinating garments unless they are all black. And those pants are awesome! I’ve been avoiding *real* pants (trousers?), but just diving in might be a good method!

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  3. You look really chic in this outfit! Well done on making your first pair of trousers and the fit is great. I am making Marilla’s dungarees at the moment – trousers again.


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