Teal no more…

The end of the teal wall is nigh.


We are in full demolition mode in preparation for a serious move to open plan living. Walls are coming down and the teal tension beauty will be no more from tomorrow. Not quite sure what I’ll be posing against but maybe the building site look will look super edgy and urban but most probably it will look like dusty chaos.

Alternatively I’m enjoying the maximalist look in my lounge. Everybody wants their fridge and their coffee machine next to their sofa right? Not going to win any feng shui awards in here.

First world problems.


Taken by my 4 year old…not bad.

The upshot of all this building work is that I’ve lost my sewing space for at least a month. I didn’t realise how attached I was to the little nook I’d carved out in the dining room and what an important part it played in my daily wellbeing. Just ask my husband how much more angst has been directed his way since the packing began.

At the same time I decided at the last minute to make a pledge for a challenge called Me Made May. In a nutshell, it’s a challenge to see how you wear your handmade wardrobe for one month and you can pledge an amount of handmade clothes to wear, be it daily or weekly. So while I’m not in a position to make anything, I am in a position to wear my creations…everyday. Hopefully. Although not sure I’ll want to subject any of my nice makes to the epic horror of putting together an ikea kitchen…or myself really!

If you hop over to the addictive beast that is Instagram then you’ll be able to see how I use my handmade wardrobe in everyday life rather than just against a wall. Hopefully it will be a really constructive exercise that will help me to work out what I really need in my handmade wardrobe versus the seductive lure of shiny new patterns and trends.

Ikea enforced sewing hiatus mode is now on.



2 thoughts on “Teal no more…

  1. I will miss the teal wall. Me made May sounds great though. Good luck with that. And the renovation… although I am still hoping the teal fairy will pass one day and just paint your new kitchen teal 🙂


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