Chemisier Berthe: I’m back!!

A little recap of the last couple of months. Work, work work. Ikea.Conference. Flu, flu, flu. Work, work, work. Ikea. Work, builders, work, Ikea. DUST, DUST, DUST. Microwave meals. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. KITCHEN! More cleaning. Unpacking. Still more cleaning. COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE.

Is it time for a holiday yet?

We’ve survived the builders, the dust and constructing an Ikea flat pack kitchen in the hours between Cbeebies finishing and the collapsing in front of Game of Thrones all fueled by a diet which mainly consisted of alternating between coffee and medicinal wine dependent of the hour of the day or the level of exhaustion.

Admittedly the kitchen has been finished for a couple of weeks, but our game of thrones binge wasn’t so…

Anyhoo ‘summer is coming’ and we do have a hol around the corner in the hipster heaven that is Rotterdam.

So i present to you Chemisier Berthe from Un Ete Couture.


And yes…it is a bit see through. I’m sure all of you can cope with seeing the merest hint of my turquoise green bra. Game of Thrones this is not.


I was procrastinating to the max about what to sew next and so I used the Insta hive mind to nominate a make. A shirt was requested from one of life’s coolest people, and here it is in the coolest fabric I had in the pile. Beautiful Atelier Brunette fabric, I’m one of those people who buy nice fabric just to look at and touch now and again…because it’s too good to use.


Life is too short, cut the good fabric!


The construction was fairly simple, as were the instructions. A very ‘need to know’ level of detail, well I needed to know how to make a shirt so I had to use the my librarian super powers to find a good ‘how to make a collar’ tuto.

Big pattern disclaimer, I had to make a cosmetic adjustment. The shirt is a ‘hi-lo’ style but just a little too high if you’ve grown a person, passed your 30th birthday and enjoy nutella on a regular basis. I added around 5cm all round for general decency.


The teal wall is no more but it has been replaced by our rather marvelous new kitchen space. We have some finishing touches to make but we need a holiday first!


We’ll be off to the cool capital of the world, Rotterdam in a bit but before that I have a cycling friendly holiday wardrobe to create. Expect shorts, but maybe of a more opaque nature.


This Mademoiselle completely ‘photobombed’ my photoshoot today! This one has now decided that sewing is cool and has informed me that I am ‘allowed’ to make her dresses. Oh joy…



6 thoughts on “Chemisier Berthe: I’m back!!

  1. Yay, a new post! Congratulations on getting your kitchen remodeled! Is the space very different now? If I remember correctly, a wall sacrificed its wall-life for the cause of more open plan living, right? 😉

    This top is gorgeous. And you are right — saving the good fabric for the future is a trap. I fall into it far too often, but there is a length of this kind of hoarded treasure in my stash for which I finally made a plan. Muslin first, though… sigh.

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