Sewing spree

A passionate disinterest in football has resulted in a bumper week of sewing and a husband who’s convinced I save the noisiest bits of sewing for one of those goal things that occasionally happen.

I’ve been subscribing to online sewing magazine ‘Seamwork’ for a few months now. Bargain price of $6. This is not a sales pitch by the by… Seamwork is produced by the people behind Colette patterns and releases 2 new patterns each month which are ‘quick makes’ that can be constructed in around 2 hours. Or the length of a Euro 2016 match.


Excuse the untucked shirt look, clearly channeling the angry 6th former look.

This is my first ‘Astoria’, a really easy and stress free make. This cropped sweater is an Instagram favourite and it lives up to its own hype. Seriously this pattern isn’t addictive it’s bloomin’ contagious and I caught it from the Insta-sewers.


It’s a really versatile make, a bit like the potato waffle of sewing patterns, it will go with anything really.

As the football showed no signs of slowing, and I’d already watched Game of Thrones, I also whizzed through a Tilly and the Buttons Coco.

I’ve made this pattern 5 times and each time it gets easier. I would recommend keeping a simple pattern under your belt to any self taught seamster. It’s a really good way of measuring your progress and confidence at the machine, plus you can totally put the smug badge on when you make something in less than an hour.

My next Seamwork pattern was a box top called Hayden. Yes, to the uninitiated sewing patterns all have names. Much easier than remembering codes, and a bit like collecting football stickers.

Comfy, airy, linen, a bugger to sew. Resistant to irons. Fray central. But it looks nice and that’s the main thing. The Hayden comes in two lengths and this is this the long, but I prefer the short…


Clearly..look at that deranged over caffeinated face.

The fabric is a Japanese seersucker from Miss Matabi. If you are a sewer with a few hours on your hands, look at her lovely fabric! It’s the thing of a fabric hoarders dreams.

If you have read this far well done for surviving this bumper blog post.

Obviously it’s been a tough couple of days in the UK. We’re worried, we’re shocked, we’re sad, we’re angry. We’ve cried, we’ve sworn.

We’ve talked with colleagues, friends and neighbours who share our feelings. At this weird time it’s time to be kind to each other and try to maintain the unity that we wanted.

We’re still hoping that this little photobomb artist feels as European as we do when she grows up.


Bon Courage.





14 thoughts on “Sewing spree

  1. Fantastic makes, all of them 🙂 That Japanese fabric is dreamy, by the way. And now you’ve convinced me that the cropped Hayden is the way to go. You have a 21st-century Audrey Hepburn look going on in those final pics 🙂

    I’m incredibly sad over Brexit and — even if it’s naive — I remain (yes) hopeful that there is a way out of this situation that doesn’t mean a progressive fragmentation of the EU. I’m hopeful for much needed reforms to the EU and for a shared European future with the UK in it despite the result of this referendum.

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    1. Here. Here. We feel like we woke up to a Britain gone mad on Friday and immediately felt like someone had died, a huge sense of loss for us. (But yes, Hayden cropped is my pref too. I might lengthen it just fractionally, by a 30mm but nothing more! ) As long as we stick together and are nice to each and respect each other, those little acts of loving and kindness everyday will make our world a nicer place. Yours in eternal optimism 🙂

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  2. I warned you it was addictive! It looks lovely though. I share your Brexit feelings, have been in mourning since Friday here. There has to be a way to make this work but I’m not sure I see it right now.

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  3. Great makes! Think you’ve inspired my next Seamwork choices with thus post. I’ve only been subscribed for a month or two but am in love with so many of their patterns. I do really want to try Miss Matabi fabric, what’s the postage situation with it coming from Japan?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Seamwork…slight addiction here. Miss Matabi is great and the service is excellent but be prepared for customs to whack on the 20% import VAT plus a holding fee charged by he post office too for handling it through customs. It was a bit painful but I ordered a large parcel to make it worthwhile, so all the lovely fabric eased my pain. Alternatively there is also a great EuropeN seller called Monday’s Milk which sells some great Nani Iro. Good luck with your shopping! X

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