Holiday edit

I have been a neglectful blogger.

Hands up…I have been sewing but not blogging. Truth be told I’ve been sewing like it’s an Olympic sport which doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging.

(I also had a hair chop but this was a professional job and not an accident with the fabric scissors!)

Warning: this is a bumper post. Make sure you have a cuppa or a tipple or both.

Obsessive compulsive “holiday wardrobe” sewing. We are lovers of the flat paradise of cycling and mayo that is the Netherlands. This year we embarked on our third trip and I needed to construct a cycling city friendly capsule (yes I know I used a stylist word) wardrobe that could be squished into our travel light suitcase.


So the key for me was to sew up a really good pair of shorts, that were comfortable enough for several hours of cycling a day and looked smart enough to waltz in and out of shops and coffee hits. The answer was Deer and Doe’s Chataigne shorts and what a good answer .


Oh how I wish I could tell you that they were a dream to put together and how I wish I could avoid writing the following sentence; I needed to do a full butt adjustment to prevent some serious back gape-age.

I used a navy blue twill but it hasn’t photographed the details that well which are very thoughtful with added quirk factor.

As with all things in life nothing worth doing is ever easy and I have literally worn these shorts to death and what better test of comfort can you get than to spend two whole weeks on a bike. On a Dutch bike.

Check out the ropey on bike photography from the husband…balancing a camera and a four year old in a box. Skills.

So to complete the very light packing I also teamed the wonder shorts up with something on top…you know lets stay decent here.

The tops: MIY Walkley Simple Vest, Charlotte Auzou and the ever ubiquitous Grainline Hemlock tee. Not much to say because they are all good straightforward staples which take almost no time at all to construct and are then worn so much they almost melt into he wardrobe background. Effortless, classic and easy to wear.

Ok still with me reader?

It was 35C when we landed a Amsterdam Schipol and the weather continued to be too nice for a couple of days and these 2 Walkley dresses from Wendy Ward’ MIY collection kept me feeling as cool as was possible. This pattern is simple yet effective and a fabulous way to get to grip with knits if you’re unaccustomed to that dark art.

We’re almost there promise…

Finished, finally finished another RDC Dominique jumpsuit. I sewed this up in a bigger size for the lounge look and then promptly wore it to the theatre.

How long is too long for a blog post?


And then we came back from our favourite place and I bought a new sewing machine. Hello Janome DKS30. Even my husban was impressed with my new beast! It’s also quieter so that sewing and football can happily coexist in one space.

So I got sewing a couple of bits to test it out and this was the result of one days love in with my new orange whirl.

My Atelier Brunette Seamwork Hayden with nifty side split. Needs must, I ran out of fabric so I improvised a split and it worked I hope!

And some dungaree love to finish.

My favourite Make Lemonade Paloma relaxed dungarees. The real revelation with these keks was Merchant and Mills fabric. I love it almost as much as my new sewing machine. It’s my birthday soon…so I can buy myself another meter or three?

Ok. I’m done. I promise. No more. I feel like I’ve atoned for my blogging neglect and can now start afresh with a new season…Autumn. It’s still August but I’m already thinking about leave, corduroy and thick tights.






11 thoughts on “Holiday edit

  1. I love holiday sewing! And your stuff looks great. Looks like you had a fun holiday too.
    I’m also a fan of the big-blog… Let it flow…!
    Finally, welcome to the joyous world of DSK30 ownership! I’ve had mine about a year and it’s been love at first sight. The two of you will have great times together! πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow you’ve made some fab clothes, loving the shorts and dungerees, I love practical no knicker showing makes, your tops all looks great on and the jumpsuit looks amazing on. I’m happy to see lots all at once, it gives me inspiration whether it’s a post with one item or ten, it’s just lovely to see them so thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow: so many new makes! That’s a wonderful summer wardrobe, Tifaine. I’m glad that the shorts proved a successful challenge. While I can’t see the details, I like the silhouette very much! They’re fab with those tops. (And, btw, I often find I love unphotographable fabrics, too.)

    As for me, I wish I hadn’t ended up procrastinating on shirt-making. With a new job starting imminently, I find myself dreaming of a time machine or at least a time-slowing device that would allow me to sew up at least two. Well, at least I know what my priorities ought to be πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to seeing your autumn sewing — from your new machine. I’ve missed new posts from you.

    Liked by 1 person

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