Moss Mini

So I jumped on the Grainline Studio Moss wagon. I have seen so many lovely versions, so I’m totally late to this sewing party.

However, I felt like my car broke down on the way to this particular party. My test version had some serious waistband issues which I was aware existed in the cyber sewing world so I added a couple of inches which made the whole thing  a disaster that has been flung into a dark corner.


So, despite my desire to also fling the pattern onto ebay, I persevered and cut into some Japanese barkcloth style fabric as an incentive. Beautiful fabric…but more frays than my nerves after the waistband debacle.

It still took me a couple of attempts to crack the waistband this time but after some determined neckband style stretching it finally fit. I think that the fabric is possibly a little to light to take this style of waistband but I won. I won the battle of the waistband!

Good job that I’m bloody minded because now I’ve planned to make a couple more of these skirts to cover some Autumnal weather that usually kicks in around 1st September and sticks around until next May.

September will mean some big changes for us…the start of school and a completely new routine and changing the way that I worked for the past 4 years. It will mean some regular free time to sew a tad more strategically, and actually make a plan around what I sew. I tend to be a bit like a magpie and some things fall rapidly down the list as I acquire new and shiny books and patterns. Same goes for my fabric acquisition. I think that my retail habits have shifted…whoops.

Watch this space for some actual planning and sewing socialising too! This South West sewer is off to SewBrum in September on my lonesome, so hopefully I’ll get to meet some lovely sewing peeps in real life and indulge that sewing retail habit in Birmingham too. Well worth the 3 hours and 42 minutes each way!







9 thoughts on “Moss Mini

  1. That fabric is awesome! I’m so glad you got it to work. I had similar frustrations with a different skirt pattern and I finally just cut out my expensive fabric and adjusted on the fly (yikes!).

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  2. Ooh, it’s lovely! I really love the photos, too. There’s nothing like photos that bring a smile to your face and make you want to sew at the same time 🙂

    I’m so glad the waistband worked out for you in the end!

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