Oh Melilot!

In the 15 years since I left school, shirts haven’t been particularly high in my fashion agenda. I have flashbacks to my uniquely hideous school uniform, and feel on edge always waiting for a tut because it’s not tucked…again.

Deer and Doe’s Melilot shirt has cleansed me of my shirt related anxieties.

Deer and Doe design patterns that reflect a realistic body shape, complete with all the curves that come as standard too. This is one of the most incredibly straightforward patterns ever to grace my sewing table which of course means that I am completely in deep sighing love with it already. Being a keener, I’m already planning the next 4 versions. One with sleeves too…cue a sewing squeal.

The only thing that I really didn’t enjoy was sewing on 10 buttons. Not my particular craft forte.

I prefer a bit of an open collar look personally, probably another trauma from school. I literally look a little too buttoned up in the button up.

I also have some even deeper love and fabric lust for Atelier Brunette fabric. I even dragged my little family to its former shop location next to a “gentlemens bar” last time we were in Paris.

This fabric is one of Atelier Brunette’s newer fabrics ‘tabby’ and I was overjoyed to find it in Make @ 140 my local sewing cafe in Plymouth. It was post referendum blues treat!


We are readying ourselves for la rentree/ back to school here. Currently I’m obsessed with new shoes and Autumn colours and dreaming of sewing up Deer and Doe’ s new Safran pattern. Happy September sewing!

17 thoughts on “Oh Melilot!

  1. Ooh la la. I love your version of the Melilot. I’ve had my eye on this pattern since it came out but I haven’t bought it. Getting a paper pattern shipped all the way to the US feels extravagant to me. I’m not saying I’m definitely not going to treat myself, just that it’s not likely πŸ˜‰

    Seeing beautiful versions of this shirt pop up on my favorite blogs is definitely undermining my resolve… I love shirts, too, so that’s not helping. Maybe I love them because I never had to wear a school uniform…

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      1. Oh, I’ve checked — they only offer the Plantain tee as a PDF. I might treat myself to the Melilot later. But, really, I should be muslining up one of the many shirt patterns I already have in my stash… πŸ˜‰

        Sewing for work has been on my mind a lot lately (I’ve started a new job, so it’s on my mind constantly, really). Shirts are definitely my go-to for work. I see myself gravitating toward a uniform of sorts, so I think I’ll keep brainstorming a “work capsule wardrobe,” by which I mean coming up with a few pieces that could make it into regular rotation.

        What’s your approach to the work wardrobe? You made a gorgeous set a while ago — that jacket and original trousers have stuck with me. I’m not sure the patterns are for me exactly (the garments look great on you!) but they made me think I should try to come up with a set like that myself.

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      2. I’m a bit of a magpie and not very good at planning! My general approach is some nicely tailored basics that are pretty interchangeable with a nice bold pattern to set it off. Sorry probably not very helpful! I am trying to plan an Autumn wardrobe and have spent a couple of days cutting out makes and trying to figure out if they’ll work together and take me from the school gate to work and back again!


  2. Great job! So lovely. I totally agree: one the easiest and most enjoyable patterns I’ve seen in ages! And oh, the satisfaction at having sewn a shirt. Maybe mine also being in AB fabric helps too. And hell no to all those buttons, it was all about the snaps!

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  3. I’m so torn about this pattern. Most versions I’ve seen look so lovely, including yours, but somewhere I feel it would overwhelm me (big bust, not a very defined waist, long waist). Plus I’ve hardly seen any long-sleeved versions, so I’m hoping you’ll make one soon so I can check it out.

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  4. It’s perfect timing to see this post, I have that exact fabric, it was my birthday present and I’ve been trying to decide on a pattern. Your shirt looks fab!! I never wear anything high neck so it’s lovely to see the photo where is folded down and it looks like it will stay there. Super shirt!!

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