Two Alders and a nice time in Birmingham.

The entire sewing world and it’s significant other has sewn this Grainline studio pattern and I can see why! I’ve been saving this Japanese fabric for something special and the Alder was most definitely worthy. I’ve been saving it to meet other sewers.

I just love it when a sewing plan comes together.


This Alder was also sewn up just to attend Sew Brum last Saturday. So for the uninitiated, Sew Brum is a brilliantly huge sewing meetup run in Birmingham by the lovely Charlotte from English Girl at Home. I decided to bite the bullet and hopefully meet some lovely people that I know via the online sewing community IRL (in real life ducky) and make some new sewing friends. Oh and do a little fabric shopping,  a lot of fabric shopping. I took a backpack. Although I did spy one lady with a wheelie suitcase for her fabric haul!


Geographically Birmingham isn’t exactly local for me and involved, one very early train, worrying amounts of coffee and a hefty dose of arghhh I’m meeting new people nerves.

Worth it.

Just completely worth it to meet some very talented sewing ladies and do some intensive fabric shopping. The next day I had sore shoulders from carrying around all my purchases. Still worth it. An entire day where people unabashedly check out each others outfits, felt all the fabric and wanted to know all about what you make. Sewers, the nicest nosy people you’ll ever meet.

Go on, touch my outfit, it’s Japanese seersucker.


I love shopping…did you know? I love fabric shopping so much and spent so much time chatting about fabric in Brum that I didn’t really capture anything apart from a couple of instasnaps. Plus my bag was really, really heavy. Did I mention that I like shopping?


So thank you to Amy from Almond Rock Sews and Rachel from The Foldline for helping this Plymgirl find the wonder of Barry’s fabric shop which is where I found the denim for my second Alder of the week.

I finally found  use for the Liberty scrap that I bought about a year ago…just because.

By the end of my trip to Brum I managed to stay the course and make it to the lovely Guthrie and Ghani where I mustered the energy to grab a jersey remnant.

If you have 50x150cm of fabric and a stubborn streak you can get an Astoria out of it.

Check me out, I am literally clothed in my stubbornness.

I am really pleased that after 10 months of blogging under my blanket, drinking lemon and ninja tea and turning my other half into Mr Instahusband that I have met ‘my people’.

Ladies of Sew Brum, it was a total delight. Thank you for enabling all my purchases and steering a very sleep deprived lady around all the fabric.

Birmingham, I’ll be back. And I’m bringing the big bag.






24 thoughts on “Two Alders and a nice time in Birmingham.

  1. Amazing sewing output, Tifaine! I love the combination of fabrics on your first Alder — it gives the design a different look. Very intriguing 🙂

    And it was nice to read about your adventures at Sew Brum. I don’t really know any fellow sewists IRL, so it’s nice to get a tiny bit of a vicarious pleasure from reading about your meet-up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merci! This weeks sewing output was the need for some calm during a busy week. Can’t recommend meeting sewers in real life if you ever get the chance, what a lovely community we have online and offline 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your Alders are lovely, I’m in love with the blue Japanese one, swoon! Your Astoria is fab too. It’s lovely to hear you had a fab time, I live ages away too and think I’d get utterly lost trying to find it but I love the idea of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ha sewing people are the nicest nosy people. Sounds awesome and your Alders look great (puts hand up for being someone from the sewing massive who *hasn’t* sewn this pattern). Jealous of your trip to SewBrum, wish I could’ve gone. Hopefully meet you at some point! Jen x

    Liked by 1 person

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