The Sureau Triology

Deer and Doe are wonderous creators of strangely addictive patterns which I want to make again and again and again.

So I did.

Meet the Deer and Doe Sureau versions 1, 2 and 3. I love all my Sureaus for very different reasons, but mainly because it was a very enjoyable sewing experience. Deer and Doe know how to design patterns that flatter all your curves and the Sureau is no exception.


Version 1.

My Japanese cotton Sureau was sewn up as a straight 40 and was just fractionally too big but it will be light and roomy on a bike in the summer. Yes I’m already thinking about next summer…Pimms time yet?


I’m on a bit of a dress binge at the moment. And this is a particularly girly whirly pattern, in fact there is something a little old fashioned and even has  the very slightest hint of country wench about it in the best possible way! Clearly I’ve been watching too many BBC costume dramas.


Version 2 is my grey flannel cotton from Belgium cut in a nicely fitted 38. Despite the neckline the fabric is super warm and comfy and perfectly practical for the very unwenchy cold weather.

Thank you to the Instasewers who helped with the button selection, which I would like to point out are sewn in perfectly straight but are being magically repositioned by my boobs, clearly they know better than I do about where buttons should be.

The Totnes charity shop fairies sourced the buttons by the by.


Version 3.

What better combination could there than Deer and Doe and Atelier Brunette?! I spent my birthday pennies on this fabric, literally the money came straight out of the card and into my fabric enabler’s hands.

The inspiration for this dress was my beautiful necklace from designer Fleur de Carotte, so thank you to my equally lovely friend Marie whose excellent shopping skills gave me a necklace that goes with all my dresses!



So there we are 3 dresses in 1 week.

Obviously that is a lot of dresses to make in a week, and I often get asked how I squeeze sewing time out of my life.

There is no magic answer, I don’t have a sewing Tardis where time stops, I have a busy job, a new school run timetable, and a DIY habit too!

Sewing is a completely therapeutic pursuit for me, which has a pretty sweet by product, the whole process allows me to breath and think about tiny details. Therapists often refer to this as the ‘flow’ and in our crazy modern lives its just such a relief to stop and play and enjoy the magic of creating something to wear!

Unless you’re learning to use an overlocker…then the whole process needs alternative words beginning with ‘f’.

See you on the other side of half term!






18 thoughts on “The Sureau Triology

  1. If you keep making up lovely deer and die patterns I’m going to have to stop reading the blog!! I now have three of their patterns unmade awaiting my attention, must not buy more (this month 😉) Good luck with half term, I’m actually child free for most of it, grandparents can be a god send!

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    1. Hehe I do appear to be on a bit on a D&D bender at the mo. I have just one more of their patterns unmade on my shelf but all cut out and ready to go so I can’t promise that i’ll stop making D&D anytime soon! But I do have a shopping list…Zephyr, Brume, Bruyère…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s entirely possible that I have Safran, Bruyere, Chardon AND Melilot in my current makes box right now, and have only made Melilot before. And then there was last week’s purchase of the Belladone pattern….. they are a bit addictive, aren’t they?

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  2. Good luck with the overlocker, I’ve had mine for years & still don’t do half the things I could on it!! I’m lazy with rethreading too…I cut threads & knot new ones then loosen tension to pull through until knot reaches the needle. Probably not best for my machine but saves my patience😃

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  3. Amazing dresses, I brought this pattern when I was first learning to sew but it didn’t go well, I should give it another go as my last two makes are the Mélilot and Bryuére and I love them both. My overlocker is at the doctors, can’t wait to get it back as French seaming everything takes sooo long. Love your stairs too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merci! It’s definitely a pattern that you should try again, it was really satisfying but I’m glad I’ve tackled it now that i have some more skills under my belt. hope your overlocker comes back to you all shiny and healthy! x


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