Sew Over It…take half a capsule (wardrobe)

I often refer to sewing as my own personal form of stress relief/ therapy/ escapism. Delete as applicable. However it’s not often that I sew purely out of political rage, obvs I’m referring what feels like Brexit phase 2 for the entire world.

So I sat down and sewed as a way of keeping hands off devices and my face out of the news. As if sewing furiously could change the world.


My long suffering instahusband-photographer very kindly/stupidly purchased and printed off the entire Sew Over It capsule wardrobe. So I’ve made a crack at half of it, primarily because the rest of it feels more like a spring look for me so watch this space come March for part 2.

This is probably the closest look I now own to ‘trad librarian’.

I used some very vintage leather buttons for the front of the Erin Skirt but although they look the business, I’m not totally convinced they will do the actual business of holding the skirt together completely!

The Molly top is super versatile, this one is sewn up in some jersey that I fought tooth and nail for in the jam packed competitive buying market of Utrecht during the summer.

And also comes in ‘dress’ format…

Dude…check my stripe pattern matching.

Sewing doesn’t change the political climate but it did eventually even out my mood after a couple of weeks of shouting at the tv and my instahusband banning the news channels in our house. I did a bit of social media hibernation and tried to look around at how lucky we are to still have choices, especially as a woman, and that sewing is a really nice and creative way of teaching my child to choose a different path.



Right I’m going to shake off my political angst and do some more sewing.

In better news, my junk room is currently receiving a long overdue promotion into sewing cupboard. I can hear the shelves going up as I type, and the ikea delivery is imminent.






12 thoughts on “Sew Over It…take half a capsule (wardrobe)

  1. I like the skirt pattern very much. Traditional librarian look? Looks good to me.
    I figure I have to calm down a bit before I start engaging with Brexit & what on earth is going to happen. Scarey though

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    1. Thank you! I’m a librarian so I’m always very wary of anything that looks too professional😜

      We are trying our best to remain positive, organise ourselves and teach our small to be nice to everyone and treat everyone equally. And sewing I’m going to teach her to sew too…seems like a good life skill right now!

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  2. Some great looks, the skirt is lovely and I like the longer version (I have knobbly knees so it’s a must for me) both the top and dress look fab, they fit so well and your fabric choices are great. Sewing is my sanity, it helps immensely when times are tough and the world seems like a disaster/bad dream, it’s got me though some rough times and unlike other hobbies you get new clothes as a result 🙂

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  3. I love these pieces! And that skirt looks very versatile – I love the shape. I’m always looking for a good basic skirt that I can thrown on with a lot of tops.
    And jeez, don’t get me started on politics. I’m still fuming, and Thanksgiving is in just a few days here, so I’m interested to see what that family gathering turns into.

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    1. Thank you! Doh didn’t see this comment until now…the fuming has turned into sad resignation at the state of the whole world. Let’s enjoy the small things like sewing and lovely online sewing buddies. Happy Holidays ❤️


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