Winter is…here.




The cold has definitely snapped down in South West England, and just like the weather I feel so busy that I have felt close to snapping but instead I’ve been busy sewing myself some layers.

Cue my new liberty fleece jumper. There is definitely something very Yellow Submarine’ about this fabric pattern, so I’ve dubbed it the ‘Blue Meanie’.

So warm that much to Msr. T’s relief it even negates the need to 24/7 the central heating. This sweater has easily reduced my heating addiction to 23.45/7.

This lovely pattern is Sweat Courcelles from Cozy Little World.


Continuing my efforts to stay warm in a cold climate…

I have the pleasure of introducing a pattern from Jolies Bobines new book Jolies Tenues, le Gilet Asmar in blue Lillestoff fabric. I can’t recommend Jolies Bobines’ blog enough, not only is she a super cool lady but also one of the most original and innovative sewers on the web. This Parisien wonder makes it look oh so effortless and cool, of course I do too…in Plymouth. To employ the local vernacular ’nuff said.


See the tiredness in my eyes…that’s what happens when you suddenly find yourself your almost 5 year olds social secretary, plus work, plus xmas, plus xmas parties, plus wine, plus ad infinitum. Well it all kind of feels better when you get to wear a sparkly Lillestoff Tilly and the Buttons Coco.

This is a deceptively warm dress, Lillestoff I salute your warmth rating.

My final winter warmer comes with 100% pride rating!


Bonjour Cleo! Mon amour! This is the latest pattern from Tilly and The Buttons bought in a post Gilmore Girls binge black friday funk.

I managed to sew this up in a couple of hours that I managed to squeeze of an early morning wake up call this morning…thanks Sesame Street for keeping her counting while I kept sewing.

I used a super warm brushed tartan found for a bargain £6!

This is why I love sewing, from sewing table to party ready in less than 2 hours. And yes this has already seen some party action today, plus a winter walk and the park. Versatile, practical and comfy…woo all things that I now find eminently excitable!

Thank you for making it yet through another bumper editions of my little blog.

I have my eye on the holiday prize and my finger on the velvet section of a fabric website.

Wishing you all a speedy and quiet approach to the holidays!







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