Hello 2017

The completion of a completely handmade year left me with a little shoe gazing to do. What do I do now? My attention span in real life is so short I’m still in shock that I managed to complete a whole year without shopping.

Look here I am exactly one year ago offering you a year of sewing not shopping with occasional blogging duties.

I don’t want to rinse, wash and repeat last year but I still want my blog to work to some self imposed parameters that will encourage me to keep going.

Lifting the ready to wear ban. So I’m not going to deprive myself any longer, I’m free to shop again! This doesn’t mean diving headfirst into the sale rail in Topshop or maninling my pay check into H&M. I want to really change the way in which I previously shopped…

Shop small. Big business fashion certainly hasn’t seen a Profits loss because I stopped shopping on payday, and I haven’t missed chucking an entire years fashion trends into the charity bag. A small independent business will appreciate your dollar, pound, euro or yen being spent with them! You will receive an unique item carefully made with love and somewhere a retailer is doing the Harlem shuffle with sellers joy.

Independent makers I’m in awe of, regularly stalk on instagram and have indulged my shopping habit with, check out Bairdy, Clare Kilgour jewellery and Rosie Drake Knight‘s gorgeous bags.

Shop local.  I’m lucky to live in an area of the UK where we do have an emerging indie artists and makers market. There are a lot of clever, talented and savvy people in the southwest that make shopping independently for ready to wear an exciting and inspirational prospect once again.

I’m in love with this place in Totnes, Colony clothing has very carefully curated collection, at very affordable prices with the nicest staff ever.

Shop sustainably. Charity shops and vintage stores are my absolute favourite places to shop. A bit like a treasure hunt, nothing feels as good as finding brand new Sandgren clogs for 6 quid. Also your cash is going to a good cause or an independent business.

Sewing framework
. Some of my shopping and acquisitive habits were funnelled into my pattern and fabric hoarding. Although it’s not reached reality television proportions I definitely enough on the to do list to keep me going for at least the next year. So I need to stop buying so much fabric just in case or on spec. If I’m going to buy fabric I have to make sure that it’s for a specific project, not just something else to add to the pile. Same goes for the patterns and books. I’m a librarian and purchasing anything in print is a slightly deeper and more compulsive problem that I really need to battle!

All of these patterns are sitting on my desk gathering some serious dust together with the stack of unused fabric. Better get busy!

RDC Danielle, Papercut Waver Jacket, By Hand London Victoria Blazer, Colette Moneta dress, Victory patterns Chloe and Lola, Merchant and Mills Camber, Deer and Doe Lupin and Bruyere.

Being Sewciable.

I was pretty surprised and pleased when a fairly solitary hobby turned out to be a lively social base of fabulous people too. I was even more pleased when I got a brand new hangout in the form of Make@140 cafe in Plymouth.

Make is that rare thing, a place that is relaxing, energising, inspiring and has all the good coffee and cake. It even serves my little family’s various dietary requirements, no mean feat!

Since SewBrum I’ve really wanted to connect with local makers and what better place to do that than your local sewing cafe?

I’m really excited that the lovely Lizzy of Make has asked me to share my year of sewing not shopping at the first Make Sewcial. So if you’re in Plymouth on Friday 27th January check out Make Sewcial, eat cake, drink coffee, swap fabric and listen to me monologuing about sewing.


2 thoughts on “Hello 2017

  1. I’m sure it was a very good discipline to avoid buying. I wonder if you will have a completely different attitude to buying after that? It will be interesting to see anyway.

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