Zephyr: The last dress of 2016

This is the last make to roll out of the production line that has been Madame Tifaine in 2016.

And what a corker. If I do say so myself…


An ultra flattering and dressy skater dress the Zephyr from Deer and Doe (yes I do have an addiction. Sorry, not sorry) made in stretch velvet.

This was a total impulse make, whipped up on Christmas Eve for the big family Christmas Day Meal, the stretch content proved to be essential after the eighth roast potato and half a nut roast for four for one.

This one is unapologetically SWIT SWOO dress. A cut that hugs your curves in all the right places, although I appreciate the impossible to photograph black velvet makes it hard to see the lovely princess seams doing their magic.

You’ll have to take my word for it but I feel incredibly slinky in my festive frock, even my small couldn’t stop hugging me and burying her mucky xmas face into my skirt because ‘mummy is sooooo soft!!’

but mummy didn’t feel ‘sooo soft’ wearing this dress. Clearing a path through the playmobil to my next destination glitter is stuck to everything, Mummy felt like a super hot sewing boss.


Sewing this dress really reinforced why I started sewing my own in the first place. The deep satisfaction taking the raw materials and creating a look that is all your own.

Even though I’m not smiling in my pics I am deeply happy with my velvet frock, it just isn’t a coy approaching cheeky grin sort of dress.

It’s an ‘I mean business’ sort of frock.


This isn’t the last you’ve heard from me in 2016…round up post pending.


16 thoughts on “Zephyr: The last dress of 2016

  1. Hello,

    As part of my January column about sewing trends for Sew, Mama, Sew!, I’d love to share one of your projects. I will share one photo and link to both your project and your main blog address. (you can see past trends posts here: http://www.sewmamasew.com/?s=sewing+trends

    the post is scheduled for late January. As per my agreement with SMS i do need your express permission to use one of your photos, so if you’d like to be included, please respond ASAP.

    thank you!!

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