Veste Lupin…super proud.


Sigh…Deer and Doe. Mon amour. You’ve done it yet again ladies, behold the Lupin Jacket pattern.


They say that the way to achieving success on your to do list is to cross off the hardest jobs first, but really who actually does that?

Same applies to sewing, an easy win in often more attractive than embarking on an unknown and complex challenge. And so it was with this Deer and Doe pattern. It has been languishing, gathering dust on the shelf looking pretty but unloved. All because I got the fear.


Why? Why was I so afraid? Mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to learn how to make and insert a lining, but look how pretty. Now I can enjoy Atelier Brunette on the inside of my clothes too. Perks.

Turns out that lining stuff isn’t actually that hard. Now I can cross that sewing experience off my very long to do list.

This Italian wool blend acquired after a backstage trawl through the art college fashion cupboard. I love fashion cupboards.


There also some double welt pockets hiding in the pics but my hands are so comfy in the pockets that they may never leave. Lining is easy, double welts are mother fudging hard.

But nothing worth having was ever meant to be easy…SUPER PROUD. A quiet little make sometimes makes all the difference to your sewing mojo!

Until next time…




13 thoughts on “Veste Lupin…super proud.

  1. Amazing jacket!! It looks awesome on, and the fabric looks lovely. I always put hard things off and maybe should make a conscious effort to flip it around.

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  2. Fantastic Tif! πŸ‘πŸ» You’re so great at fabric choices! That’s the bit that stresses me out. The horror of spending lots of money only to find it’s a bad fabric choice! 😱

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