Hey, do I know you? Blogger recognition…

IMG_1229As a blogger the only way that you know anyone is reading your blog is through cold hard stats and the odd lovely comment that someone has taken the time to write. So some clever person has come up with a bit of blogging mindfulness, just to reassure us blogging types that we aren’t writing into a blogosphere void.

shamefully this blog post has taken a while to write due to the wonders and pressures of busy modern life, look I’m even making clothes that don’t end up being blogged at all. In a slightly embarrassing turn of events I was nominated 3 times for this award. So I know that there are definitely 3 people who read my blog!

Thank you for taking the time to nominate me; Green Eye Crafts, Swarm of Chickadees, and Red W Sews. It is a very lovely honour to know that such talented ladies with some pretty awesome sewing skills appreciate my little corner of sewing blogworld.

My blog started as a record for my sewing not shopping challenge of 2016. I managed to spend an entire year sewing everything that I made and now it’s pretty much become a lovely way of life that I can’t imagine changing. Madame Tifaine became a surprisingly sociable by product of my challenge, alongside Instagram I’ve discovered some pretty cool sewing people who are a serious fountain of sewing knowledge.

If you would like to hear an extrapolated version of the whys for my blog, I recently recorded a podcast interview with the wonderful Lori Bee from Frivoulous at Last.

If I had any advice for a newbie blogger or any blogger it would be…don’t be afraid to be you. You have something to say, so say it loud and proud. And as you are probably a sewing blogger you’ll  be able to say it with style too. Have fun! Have fun with your writing, you makes and above all in front of the camera too. Don’t be shy, strike a pose and vogue it for all your worth.

i don’t have as much time as I would like to sit and enjoy reading all the wonderful blogs that are out there…note to our local transport provider I would read more if your wifi actually worked on the train! If you have 10 minutes make a big coffee and check out these sewing kweens!!

Adrianna with Love  super cool French blogger

Meg from Pigeon Wishes is a style queen extraordinaire.

Atelier in the Attic is an inspirational style and craft genius. Full of knowledge and creativity!

Fifty Two Fancies stylish makes against a very coveted blue wall!

Zara from Pickledowndilly is writing about her journey as a new sewer and more importantly we get to shop at the same fabulous sewing shop Make at 140.


Normal service will resume next time. Merci!










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