oh Darling!

Darling, daaaahhhhling, darl, sweetie darling, sweetie darling…I’ve missed you! But I’ve just discovered how much I love Megan Nielsen’s Darling dress range  so I’ve been otherwise occupied…mainly sewing on the buttons.


I’ve been busy taking part in Me Made May 17 and if you check out my Instagram you can check out my daily outfits and how I’m making my handmade wardrobe work for my everyday life. It’s becoming an excellent exercise in wardrobe editing and learning how to wedge a phone between a kettle and a biscuit tin to take the ultimate selfie.


For those of you not in the know, Me Made May or #MMMAY17 is not a selfie or instagram challenge but a way of trying to utilise as much of your handmade wardrobe as you pledge. My handmade wardrobe is a pretty healthy size after my sew it all challenge last year so I’m trying to wear handmade every day and also work my way through my to do list rather than let projects fall to the bottom of the pile because something new and shiny happens along.


The Darling dress has been in my sights since before the last time I rocked up to a voting booth in the UK. Worth the wait. I’ve gone for a sleeveless adaptation with some very ‘slubby’ Merchant and Mills lightweight denim plus pinky buttons.

As I’ve been working through my wardrobe, it has been gratifying to discover that practice does make perfect and I am becoming a better and more confident sewer. I’ve even recycled some garments as my preference in fabric choices has developed in the past year. Like most  beginner sewers, I was totally seduced by ALL the patterned fabric in ALL the colours despite the fact it’s not totally my personal style. I’ve been learning that you can’t wear ALL the patterns and colours all together. Just ask my husband when he can’t see the bedroom floor for clothes because nothing went together this morning. Plus there’s a navy Astoria that I need to make again times five because it goes with ALL the things, so clearly a need for more vanilla in my life.


Vanilla doesn’t have to be boring! I’m looking forward to layering this lovely up with stripey tees and Astorias or maybe even a Linden (it’s on the list). It’s the kind of chuck it on comfy dress…WITH POCKETS… that every lady on the go needs.

Sewing peep…what is your #MMMAY17 challenge? Are you finding out new things about yourself and your wardrobe? Just being nosy!

Until the next time something is crossed off the list…it’s long…I may need to go shopping. Again.











9 thoughts on “oh Darling!

  1. Lovely dress–so summery!

    My MMMay challenge is to wear two me mades a day, as I wanted to get better at creating outfits with them. I’m finding the plain basics I’ve recently been making are coming out to play the most. Like you, I can see much more “boring” sewing coming up, but if I wear it loads it’s going to be worth it 🙂

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  2. Great dress😃 Like you I’m doing me made May, I aim to wear at least one item a day. It’s harder than I though. I’ve made so much & bought so little but now when it comes to actually looking at my makes I’ve realised that I make a lot of random items for special events so on an everyday basis I think I’m going to start struggling to find anything to wear soon….do you think my clients will think it strange if I wear a full length gown while I cut their hair?

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  3. Love this dress, just made my second (well except the buttons!!) and love both, feel a sleeveless coming on too. So far mmm has taught me not to worry so much about what I’ve made, I’ve worn something different everyday as I decide to keep or chuck, I’ve noticed my sewing skills have improved a huge amount 😀 (far more things have made my it in my ‘to sew’ list though)

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    1. Thank you! I’ve just finished my version 2 it’s an addictive pattern. It feels weird to recycle makes that I was totally proud of only a year ago but it’s amazing how far you can come in only 12 months! C


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