urban seaside jungle


Sewing tribe…ever become so entranced by a fabric that you are sure it had such powerful hypnotic properties that the purchase of this fabric was absolutely beyond my control. My willpower had all the strength of a wet paper bag.


This was my very first date with African Wax fabric, I purchased this leafy green joy fest on the old ebay and it looks as good as it did on my late night shopping spree. I blame Sew Vee for my current African fabric addiction, check out her lovely blog if you want to see some very beautiful African fabric creations.


The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that I’ve stuck to a tried and tested Deer and Doe pattern Robe Belladone. The fabric had a great body and structure that really suits the Belladone pattern…if you’re looking for a pattern to test African fabric out on this is the one. And it has pockets. What more could you want?






If you’re interested…and i don’t blame you if you’re not…the location of this post and probably a couple more is a local area that’s being regenerated. It’s a weird mesh of urban seaside which felt like the perfect backdrop to my French- African dress.


And now you know how I while away the 45 minutes of ballet time on a saturday morning too!


The end of my working/school year is fast approaching, I’m dreaming of hanging about on a bike like a giant teenager drinking far too much coffee looking totally resplendent in my handmade holiday wardrobe.

Ciao for now! I’m off to read my UK copy of La Maison Victor!!







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