Brrrrr…Bruyere. Autumn is here.

It’s Autumn…already. Fear not, I haven’t abandoned my blog or sewing. In fact I have still been sewing at my regular pace but modern life demands have meant that the very last thing I need to do after a busy day at a computer is spend the evening at a computer blogging. Plus instahusband has gotten ideas above his station and has neglected his photography duties.

Never mind all that, it’s a tad chilly and blowy out there in the world at the mo. The perfect excuse to sew the ultimate plaid shirt.

Can you tell what look I was going for Monty Python fans?

I didn’t want to be a librarian…

I wanted to be a lumberjack leaping from tree to tree…standing in front of random forestry murals in local parks.

If that makes no sense suffice to say you need to waste some time on YouTube with Michael Palin.

Deer and Doe are really my perfect pattern company, I have to make zero alterations and the instructions are super clear. The unfailing consistency and clarity of D&D continues to impress me year after year.

The fabric is fairly heavy brushed cotton from Mon Depot, a great Belgium online fabric store with really reasonable shipping rates that I use fairly regularly.

I’m secretly cold blooded so I need something to keep me toasty during the winter months… before I have to sell off my husband to pay the heating bill!

Lumberjack chic THE look for AW 17.


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