Compagnie M. Julia Sweater

When sewing was an aspirational day dream and I spent more time pinteresting than doing, I saved a picture of a Julie Sweater from Compagnie M. And withthe help of my trusty orange machine I’ve made all of my pinning dreams come true.

The Julia Sweater is a really versatile pattern and a bit of a scrap buster slash fabric stretcher. I got this origami crane print french terry at a fabric market in Rotterdam during my summer travels but it was only a one meter coupon but with some mustard ponte I was able to produce a whole Sweater!

There is a bit of an eighties vibe going on with the cut of the arms and folded collar.

I’ll let you decide which side of the wall I look like I come from…

My favourite thing about this Make is the hidden slit pocket. What’s the point if it doesn’t have a pocket? This was my first dalliance with a Compagnie M pattern and I was super impressed, it was everything you want a first date with a pattern company to be; reliable, interesting, fun, diverting and I felt looked after by some great instructions.

Compagnie M…I think I might be falling for you.

I’ll be wearing my new summer memories-autumn warmth jumper to a fireworks night party tonight…amongst another zillion layers. The cold weather definitely demands another version of this one! I can feel a funnel neck coming on.

Brrr…is it time for a mulled wine yet?


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