Out with the Old…

Happy New Year…super belated Happy 2019.

Full disclosure…This blog post has been far longer in the making than intended due to an unwelcome and extended visit from the lurgy fairy. I’m not sure you want to see my face when its the same colour as my floorboards.

So it’s time to reveal myself as a person who really, really loves a good tidy. I’m not a hoarder. In fact, my fabric stash only fills 2 drawers and I try to only buy what I need for specific projects shhhhh…don’t tell anyone they’ll take away my sewing licence.

I usually start the new year off with a bit of a post xmas tidy, but this year binge watching the magical Japanese pixie of tidiness Marie Kondo took my neat freak proclivities to a whole new level.

It’s the folding.

The folding has fundamentally changed the way I coexist with my clothing. Please read…I can find things in the morning! I’ve finally been able to treat my clothing the same way I treat my books and it was just so satisfying.

And what is the uniform of a ruthless self -declared tidier of things?

Perhaps a self drafted cross back apron?

I’ve been playing around with my version of the cross back apron on and off for a couple of months. Inspired by the Japanese domestic cuteness and the super hip kinfolk style of these aprons I wanted something that sat in the middle of these two aesthetic worlds.

Pratical and very washable I’ve gone for an organic cotton linen mix so that you can run an iron over it (if ironing is your thing) but it doesn’t look too slubby or too starched and I’ve now discovered that kids paints come out after the first sponge!

Taking down yet more birthday decorations.

I’ve never worn an apron up until now, I’m not very good at wearing a trad pinny…they make me feel ‘uncomfortable’ like an outfit that isn’t for me. Like I’m pretend dress up in my nana’s clothes!

But this feels different, a practical bit of kit that you can chuck on over anything and look a bit cool, a bit prepared and it has pockets. Obvs.

So this is the very start of working out what I want to start making and selling in my planned online shop. I’m very much learning all of this on the job and I’m taking you with me on what I hope is a long and lovely journey of discovery.

This is my testing ground, a creative online notebook where I can share my ideas of what is working and what isn’t, a place to be brave and share my works in progress with you.

Plant survivor.

I’ve been describing myself as a micro business and, despite the fact its a massive personal undertaking, micro feels like a seed that I can water and nurture into a small business. You’ll see me change my mind a million times and maybe a lot of stuff that I share with you won’t end up in my shop but thats the creative journey I’m on…a lot of trial and error and learning along the way. Literally watch this space for more adventures in sewing and micro business making!


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