All about me…

Hello! I’m Tifaine. Take a deep breath and say ‘Tee-fen’.


Now that’s the tricky bit of reading this bio done! I’m a completely self-taught sewer/sewist/seamstress/maker living in Plymouth, UK near the beautiful South Devon coastline. You may see it peeking through some of my blog posts.


In 2015 I had a super tough year and a new sewing machine and the need for a big challenge so I decided to sew all my clothes for a whole year. You can find out more about my 2016 Handmade year here on my website or I can highly recommend this podcast.


Fast forward to 2018…

Now I’m starting on my most exciting chapter of my sewing journey…

I’m launching Madame Tifaine as a business as well as continuing to document my own personal sewing journey here too. If you need sewing lessons, alterations, mending and you live in the Plymouth area then I’m your seamstress.

I’m also planning my own online shop venture…so watch this space.

I’m starting small, dreaming big and taking it all one day at a time.

Tifaine xxx