Forsythe Dress

Nani Iro love

A dress for the calm spring days ahead, for making endless cups of tea and feeling rather cool yet ladylike as I literally watch the grass grow.

Those days seem like a long way off as I snuggle down in a cardigan with a big hot coffee to write this…but hey it’s a wishful thinking sort of aspiration for warmer days and a better tan.

Discovering the Forsythe Dress from French Navy is certainly one of the better things to come out my Instagram obsession, it was almost certainly the sewing pattern of the moment last year. So it may seem like I’m endlessly scrolling at the school gate but it’s research…honest…although sometimes its also cats.

pearlised poppers

Top things to love about this dress pattern… the button back. A real chance to showcase some beautiful button, although I’ve gone for pearly poppers here which makes me lazy or time effiecient on many levels. I’ll let you decide!

big pockets

Pockets…proper pockets. I love a pocket, and I mean a proper set of pockets. For me that means big enough for a phone, an apple, and all the stray lego I find as I make my way through the house. These are the real deal, and most of the reason why I downloaded the pattern.

This is also what I call a great show off pattern for those very special fabrics that you’re a tiny bit afraid to cut into because they’re too nice!

I used 2 m of Nani Iro that my Bro-In-law bought me directly from Atelier Nani Iro in Osaka where he lived at the time. In my hierarchy of fabric Nani Iro is Kween of fabrics for me, so choosing to cut into it is a big thing. I’m happy to say that my nani iro wasn’t wasted on this pattern and that it certainly pays to use a fabric you love on a pattern you love!

Sometimes when my instahusband picks ups the camera for me I often give him a theme and this was think Toast…mega expensive but very lovely stuff…and here I’m mostly checking where the cobwebs are on the ceiling while attempting to look cooler than I actually am.

Anyone else sewing hopefully for spring yet? If you sew for it…it will come?!!


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