Sew House 7 Underwood Tank Dress

This about that time I discovered that I now would mostly love to live in climate that allowed me to wear this dress made out of the softest bamboo jersey all year round.

I’ve long admired Sew House 7′ s feminine, yet chic and practical aesthetic and was really chuffed to test out the Underwood dress for the lovely Peggi.

Perfect for beginners just starting to approach jersey, it’s a super satisfying and quick sewing win. Sew House Seven have done it again designing yet another wardrobe staple that we can play with to our hearts content.

I took the opportunity to try out making in a bamboo jersey (from Raystitch) for the first time and I am a total convert. The soft handle and drape of the bamboo jersey together with the clean lines of the dress construction really create a very elegant and most of all comfortable effect.

Lets talk tactics…you can make this beut’ up in 3 lengths; top, mini and maxi. I went for midi as I’m only 1.65m and I’m way to clumsy to navigate simple things like walking in anything below the knee.

Stylist’s note: In case you’re wondering this is just what my hair looks like when freshly washed, it’s naturally super straight and post basic blow-dry I look like a fluffy duck. I am pretty much hair product resistant and mostly use just shampoo soap which seems to have added to the ‘volume’ issue!

I think this may be the uniform of the summer…I’m already planning a yoga version to stretch around in.


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