Robe Lou…

Ahhhh summer you’re finally here. In fact I took all the piccies in this blog post at a friends house on a very cold rainy June day…and then the summer arrived in full force pretty much the very next day!

Robe Lou is the stand out make from Jolies Bobines lovely book Jolies Tenues. Jolies Bobines has long been my aspirational sewing girl crush, when you go and look at her insta or her blog be sure to make yourself a cuppa you’ll be gone for a while!

The fabric was all the way from Japan, something my inlaws picked up on a trip last year but I’ve been unable to bring myself to cut into it until now!

I realise that I’ve accidentally not blogged for a couple of months…woops. I’ve been really busy on a few different projects including sewing up the new collection for Roake studio…check out their clothing line designed by Roake right here in Plymouth.

A spot of this, a spot of that and its July already. I took a bit of an instagram break after #memademay2019 all that remembering to photograph my outfits exhausted my instagram brain for a while and I needed a rest. I do marvel at people who can remember to instagram all the time, for instance I’m yet to actually speak on instagram stories because like all people I’m worried I’ll sound weird!

anyway…back to the dress. It’s super adorable isn’t it?! I was a bit worried that this is a bit too adorable for me?! I’m sinking deeper into my 30s now and with the discovery of a few more grey hairs and a lifestyle change I find myself reaching less and less for the dresses in my wardrobe. One of my #memademay2019 challenges was to try and wear more of the dresses I’ve made and I gave almost everything at least one airing and then decided I just like wearing separates more nowadays.

With that in mind, I’m off to work out what this years summer wardrobe is going to look like. I mean obviously I realise that it is already summer but its nice to be spontaneous about these things based on weather forecast and likely outdoor activity plans or thats my excuse anyhow.

A bientôt!


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