Sewing lately…or the old ones are the best.

Ever feel like having a sewing binge? Just like my netflix account I really enjoy binging on repeats and my sewing is no different!


When I started my year of swapping shopping for sewing last year, I frequented ebay daily on the hunt for fairly decent fabric that I wouldn’t feel too distraught about if it ended its days in the bin because I inflicted my fantastic sewing skills on it.

After a year of hardcore sewing I feel like I’ve graduated to the good fabric and I now cyber haunt the sites of Merchant and Mills, Atelier Brunette (ok that’s a long term issue) and Aime Comme Marie.


To use the good fabric, I’ve been concentrating on playing a few patterns on repeat, that I’ve made before but not with the greatest or most wearable fabrics.

Behold the wonder of my behind clad in the best Merchant and Mills woven fabric, so comfy I never want to take them off, ever. I suppose that eventually could get awkward?


I used the Deer and Doe Chataigne pattern to make my new loves. My seam ripper and I had previously struggled a fair bit with this pattern. 6 months later with a lot more confidence, marginally improved skills and the magical fabric, they came together like a dream.


Another favourite pattern is the trusty Deer and Doe Melilot. I went in bold and brave with my tissue paper-like translucent Aime Comme Marie golden pineapple fabric. It deserved it and I learned not to iron everything on the MAX setting. The singed part of my shirt is almost invisible…

Well who is really looking at the singed part of your shirt when it’s see through anyway?


Seamwork Astoria, french terry Atelier Brunette with little pink sparkles. Sigh. Where have you been all my life? If you are in the market for some french terry just buy this…now and wrap yourself in its loveliness. In fact, even if you’re not, you should.

As humans we enjoy repetition because it makes us happy and comforted, it often gives us the space to be more creative and confident about our choices. My sewing binge was like a nice sewing hug on a a very cold winters day.

So sewing people, dust off your machine and give yourself a fabric covered mental hug.

Non-sewers do what I do with the the other half of my free time on a cold winters day, wrap yourself in a blankie, wrap yourself around a big coffee and binge away on whatever makes you happy or just learn to sew. nudge, nudge.





4 thoughts on “Sewing lately…or the old ones are the best.

  1. Great collection of garments. The shirt fabric looks gorgeous. I keep my iron permanently on the hottest steamiest setting and have to keep reminding myself to turn it down – dangerous!

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