Belle, belle, Belladone.

This week the wonderful memory joggers at Facebook reminded me that it has been 2 whole years since I managed to teach myself to thread a sewing machine. It only took about 2 hours to thread and sew some dodgy stitches onto a bit of scrap fabric but I was hooked.

Like all beginners I googled my new found hobby love to bits and found the dress that I wanted to wear and make but never though I’d be able to create.

Two years later, meet my two Belladone dresses!

The Belladone by the wonderful Deer and Doe is a much made, much blogged dress which is good for me as I had plenty of inspiration/ ideas to steal!

The signature motif of the Belladone is the beautiful cinched waist 50s style waist and the cut out back.

…now we come to part where I share my dread of being cold.

I love the way the cut out works with this dress but the crucial back exposure and the very light Atelier Brunette fabric means that this beauty will be popped away until next summer. I cannot be cold, I hate the cold, and just looking at my exposed back is making feel chilly right now. Brrr…someone switch the kettle on.

We have entered hot water bottle season so I also made a version in a blackwatch tartan with a fully covered back.


Look at me, Madame Librarian. So much more sensible, I’ve even worn it to work with an Astoria.

The only drawback with this version was my tartan (random online purchase) had quite the polyester content, which meant I didn’t get the nice crisp finish around the neck, arms and hem. Ughhh…read the fabric description carefully when you buy online!! Unlike me.

Anyway, polyester keeps you quite snug!

However the most important details is undoubtedly the inclusion of pockets.


You just can’t underestimate the joy that a well placed dress pocket can bring a lady.

So Thank You sewing blogosphere, 2 years ago all those Belladones that I coveted spurred me onto eventually make my own. After 2 years, I now covet different makes and stalk different ambitious patterns…trench coat anyone? But I still feel the same satisfying buzz when I finish a piece of clothing as I did the very first time I threaded a needle.

In honour of my 2nd sewing birthday I’ve purchased an overlocker. Wish me luck threading that beast for the first time!






21 thoughts on “Belle, belle, Belladone.

  1. Amazing dresses, they both look fab, I’ve just become a Deer and Doe lover! You look great! Yay an overlocker!!!!! So much quicker to sew things although in the year I’ve had one I’ve made so many mistakes, but hey still learning, I’m with you onwards and upwards :).

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  2. Happy Sewing Birthday! Yay for Belladone, AB fabric and tartan; all things I love too (wearing a tartan BHL Kim-circle-skirt hybrid right now). It’s such an amazing hobby isn’t it? Here’s to many more years of it. Had a go on the overlocker yet (it’s the Singer one from Lidl right? I have the same one). Jen x

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    1. Merci Jen! You can’t beat a bit of tartan…I’ve just bought some more for tartan shorts too ☺️ The overlocker is still in the box sadly as my week has been super busy but hopefully the weekend will bring me some quality overlocker time! X


    1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m with you on the cutout back, gorgeous but too chilly for me! I’m just planning my next version…my first foray into African wax. Lovely blogging as always 😘


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