Nani iro love

Nani iro you belong to a higher plain of fabric adoration. I love you, I revere your design and construction and I deeply respect your very Japanese essence. I discovered an irreversible love of all things Nani iro pretty early on in my sewing addiction and on of my favourite much worn dresses is made from yellow freeway brushed cotton…sigh it’s just so soft and cosy.

A throwback pic from last year for us to sigh over the fabric together.

I have the very good fortune of being married to a man who has a brother who lives in Japan…I may have mentioned how good my brother in law is at choosing fabric! I was very lucky indeed to have him to some fabric shopping on my behalf this winter and he came over with a nice full Atelier Nani Iro bag!!

Nani iro is distinctive and needs only the simplest of patterns to showcase its loveliness, so once again I returned to the Lotta Jansdotter Esme tunic.

Saturday morning Nani iro! I felt pretty swish going out for my cool mamas coffee this morning. We like to meet up in hipster cafes to convince ourselves that we are still youngish and hip, even if we are a bit creaky!



The Nani iro also got a trip to our favourite scooter/ refuelling stop in Plymouth, the Royal William yard, which looks pretty awesome on the first proper spring day of the year.

if you’re in any doubt about how gorgeous Plymouth can look on a sunny day, don’t look at me just look behind me. Mostly because it’s windy and my hair is a state and my lippy is extinct by 11 am.

For this make I’ve ventured into some new double gauze territory which is super soft, a fudging, mother fudger to sew and the most comfortable thing to run around in EVER. Exhibit A. As most parents of small people will acknowledge, I am never allowed to stand still or alone.



And the Deer and Doe jacket just happens to be the perfect companion to my new dress. Mr instahusband wasn’t expecting to be a photographer today, as he was dragged out for some fresh air while he was busy being snotty by his ladies. So the entire thing was shot on an iPhone. Just goes to show that you don’t need a fancy pants DSLR to blog, just a steady hand on a sunny day and a Nani iro dress!

See you soon…








13 thoughts on “Nani iro love

  1. I love Nani Iro and double gauze, so soft, so beautiful and seeing this has given me the urge to buy more πŸ™‚ your dress looks fab and love the way you’ve styled it. Fab photos, my kids are teenagers and although they take selfies I can’t get them in a shot near me for love nor money!

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  2. Great dress & of course a great back ground….can’t beat a visit to RWY on a sunny dayπŸ˜ƒ Make the most of little ones wanting to be in pics with you, they grow out of it all to soon!


  3. Fab dress Tif! And wasn’t Plymouth just strutting it stuff that weekend! I’d love to get my hands on some delicious fabric like that. For now I think double gauze will have to do!

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  4. I just listened to the podcast and (ashamed to say πŸ™ˆ) I had not heard of Nani iron or you. Well I’m glad I listened! I have now discovered this gorgeous fabric (my bank account won’t be happy!) and your blog and Instagram account. I was moved by your sewing journey and impressed by your outfits as I work my way through your posts. I laughed at the bicycle fabric story as we’ve all done the same. 🚲 I look forward to seeing what you make in the future and, if you can manage trousers and a jacket, you can definitely sew a coat. Why don’t you start with an unlined one like The Unlined Raw-Edged Coat by The Maker’s Atelier?

    P.S. I didn’t have a problem with pronouncing your lovely name but that’s probably because I live in France and am so used to my daughter friend’s names, some of which are much more unpronounceable! My Anglophone mouth makes a right hash of them, much to my daughter’s embarrassment! I usually end up with substitutes, like Capucine became Cappuccino! They think it’s really funny, but most probably think I’m just a bit loopy! 😊

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    1. Hi Karen, thank you for your lovely and brilliantly long comment! My daughter also has a French name so I’m sharing out the mispronounciation love in our family! I’ve never looked into the Makers Atelier properly but I shall have a good snoop now that it’s had a lovely recommend. Thanks for listening to the podcast too, I love Lori’s podcast series, so fab to listen to when you’re sewing. A plus tard 😘


  5. Looking back it was long, wasn’t it! 😊 Just thought of another coat/jacket pattern you might like to try. The Berlin jacket by Tessuti is also unlined and easy to sew. Bises


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